Denny Figuerres

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Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of solving business problems. currently looking for a new project that will expand my skills or allow me to be in some way creative. I have experience with dot net, azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Linux, Raspberry pi and other hardware. I have created web services / api's, web sites, mobile apps. I have experience in several kinds of data integration, ETL and related areas. I am a self starter and am very good at taking on new technology and business challenges and creating solutions to problems.


Senior Software Engineer

MidAmerica / The Retierment Plan Company

MidAmerica provides services to manage retirement funds and healthcare funds. i developed and maintained applications that processed data for payments, funds trades and related data.

  • Provided Data quality cointrol checks on etl systems
  • updated and upgraded finacial trade automation system
  • wrote impoved payment processing automation system
  • created web app for in house staff to make critical updates to payment / claims data which eliminated support tickets.
  • created improved plan mapping apllication that also combined functions into one application that had been in 3 seperate applications
  • created and updated many ETL jobs that were key to business operations
  • performed many DBA functions to optimize database performance on multiple Microsoft SQL databases
  • identified tools to improve data integrations
  • exported over a half a terabyte of Salesforce data in less than one week.
  • worked with Accounting and Customer service and other teams to insure best delivery of key data in multiple integration processes.
October 2019 - Present

Senior Software Engineer/System Architect

ADL Delivery Services

Brought the company up to date by converting from an old java web application and created a compatable and vastly updated dot net system. this invoved creation of a new sql server database, new web services and adding updated package handling and tracking. also replaced a buggy cash handling system and truck loading system.

  • Key contributor to overall database design
  • Implemented OAuth / OpenID for application login
  • Created a proof of concept web site for Angular 2.0 using bootstrap
  • Created large catalog of multiple Web API services to drive the front-end clients
  • Created a complete catalog of OData web api endpoints to empower front end developers to create custom data queries
  • Implemented Swagger web pages to provide live documentation and testing of all rest api’s
  • Created a custom authentication and authorization library for Microsoft Sql Server reporting services to allow token authentication in place of the default NTLM
  • Conversion of Java code to C#
  • Created geographic data integration between the database and the angular client using google maps api’s and custom code to create GeoJson Data Layers.
  • Setup development environment for the team including different web servers for development, test and live environments
  • As a part of the team helped create procedures and practices in publishing and documenting source code and system documentation
  • Mentored and trained new developers
  • Implemented use of Azure DevOps for source control
  • Worked with IT Support team to manage developer server farm and also performed the role of web master for the company, managing DNS and SSL Certificates for multiple servers
  • Trained team on use of azure devops to check-in code and share projects
  • Identified GitHub packages that would benefit the development effort
2015 - 2019

Software Engineer

JAEB Center

Software for Medical Research Studies of Type 1 Diabeteis. Develop web sites for medical research studies and related software. This includes software using Azure, web services, windows client applications, SQL Server, reports and any other related / needed programs.

  • Major update to laptop application to study type 1 Diabetes.
  • Implemented use of Azure web services and cloud to provide real time monitoring of study subjects to limit risk of medical emergencies.
  • Developed code to read data from Medtronic insulin pump from a proprietary binary format into a standard .Net Class that could then be reported and analyzed by standard tools and methods.
  • Worked as part of a team to implement multiple Type 1 Diabetes Studies, this involved preparing documentation, web based data entry forms and coordinating with clinical research staff and statistical analysts to make sure that the correct data was collected and was able to be used to produce study results submitted to professional journals and related publications
2013 - 2015

Software Engineer/System Architect

Morris Consulting Services

developed multiple applications and systems, this included Windows desktop applications, Windows CE applications, web sites, web services, point of sales software, accounting software, sql server database backend, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, WCF,SOAP/ASMX and other custom services and applications

  • Created complete business solutions for multiple customers included back office web site, customer facing web site, point of sales, mobile, accounting, payroll, reporting and system management functions.
  • Created custom mobile applications for Windows CE handhelds
  • Created point of sale applications with hardware interfaces to multiple devices
  • Worked with customers to customize software and add requested features
  • Provided complete business reporting of all financial transactions for complex business needs
2005 - 2013


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Dot Net Core
  • Blazor
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Web sites
  • Azure Web Services
  • Azure Worker Services
  • TypeScript
  • Angular 2 +
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • IIS 5 .. 10
  • ASMX/SOAP Web services
  • RSA Token Authentication
  • Windows Services using .Net
  • Linux development
  • OData
  • Oauth / Open ID connect
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Visual Studio
  • Entity Framework
  • C (classic C)


Apart from being a Software Engineer, I enjoy Building MOdels, 3D Printing, Building Star Wars Droids with banimation and remote control systems. .

When forced indoors, I follow a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows, I am , and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements in the front-end web development world .